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[Pinned] Let's talk about raiding

When would you most like to raid? What days suit you best? Are you interested in continuing to raid?Put all your thoughts here.The raid times will probably remain constant at 10pm server time unless we get a huge amount of votes otherwise. I know ...
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General Discussion

LFG Blackrock Spire

Don't want to sound annoying, but... been sitting by while 4 Ony's & BWL's have gone on now. Would appreciate the help! :)
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General Discussion

Nice duel
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Stubbies - Thorium Bro's Rep grind.

Hey all,If you come across any of these items on your travels and want to donate them to Stubbies that would be great.Dark Iron OreDark Iron ScrapsDark Iron ResidueIncendosaur ScaleIron OreHeavy Leather
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Raid Times - Being Prepared.

Alrighty team the server is becoming more and more active and our level of skill towards progressive raiding is climbing too. Here's a couple of things we would like to see more of until it becomes the norm.1.) Time management, if the raid starts ...
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Arcanite Bars for smithing - Stubbies

Hi all, actively trying to grind out Arcanite Bars so if you have an alchemist and want to help me out msg me ingame.Raserisk - Is the only person I'm sending mats to atm.
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General Discussion

New Website

I hope this great new website doesn't go to waste, thanks for putting one up, guys!
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