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#10195224 Oct 25, 2014 at 02:56 AM
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Alrighty team the server is becoming more and more active and our level of skill towards progressive raiding is climbing too. Here's a couple of things we would like to see more of until it becomes the norm.

1.) Time management, if the raid starts at 9:30pm show up 15-30mins early to get all your prep done and be waiting at the rally point.

2.) Read up on strats.

3.) Bring consumables, pots, food, scrolls - Everything helps! Repair!

4.) Help pre-raid BiS gear other's.

5.) Choose your main class you want to play and stick with it for progression, let the officers know you alt or (secondary) choice you want to play with.

6.) Tell your friends, promote the server - the more the merrier.
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